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Triumph of Resilience: The Inspirational Journey of Rechiel Julian

Embark on an inspiring voyage with us as we uncover the remarkable journey of Rechiel Julian, a beacon of resilience and determination in the distribution and finance industry. Rechiel’s path embodies resilience, determination, and the spirit of giving back. Coming from humble beginnings with limited opportunities, she epitomizes Zig Ziglar’s famous quote: “You do not have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great.” Despite early challenges, Rechiel emerged as one of the industry’s leading distributors, driven by her belief in paying it forward.

Sit back, relax, and join us as we explore Rechiel’s journey, from overcoming obstacles to making a profound impact on her community.

Professional Achievements

Rechiel graduated in computer science and came to Canada only to find out that she could not use what she had studied to look for opportunities in the country. Working as a caregiver at that time, it was very difficult for her even just to make ends meet for herself. At the same time, she had an amazing blessing come into her life in the form of a nursing scholarship, though with careful thought and consideration, she made one of the biggest decisions in her life; quit nursing school in pursuit of owning her own time and life being in business.

Her journey in the business space was not very favorable to her in the beginning. With the lack of almost everything needed to survive in the business world, she faced many deterring challenges. But with the right support and mentorship, she managed to keep moving forward, not to mention her resilience as a person when she saw the life she could live when she was in business for herself. She wanted it, and she was willing to do anything.

Challenges Overcome

Throughout her career, Rechiel faced enough negativity and rejection that would have made a person with a weak heart turn around and quit. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she plowed through it all, always remembering the reason why she started in the first place. “English is my second language, and I did not know anything about business when I started. I was shy, timid and I was working as a live-in caregiver at that time”. This of course as we come to expect did not stop her, she learned everything she needed to know from scratch, acquired her licence in the financial industry, and started marching forward.

Impact on the Industry

Rechiel’s impact on the financial distribution industry can be credited to her hardworking nature and her helping heart. Leading in the front, it is not hard to see why her whole organization rallies under her banner. Because of Rechiel’s leadership, she has helped thousands upon thousands of families become financially aware and educated, saving quite a few from financial devastation. She mentors multiple offices within her organization as well as others across Canada and an expansion team in the US making sure she stays true to her commitment to help families and to make sure that no family is left behind.

Mentorship and Advocacy

While we keep the momentum and spotlight aimed at Rechiel, she never skips a beat when it comes to being grateful to her mentors and coaches. It took her eight months to conquer her licensing challenge, but her trainers never gave up on her. Despite the lack of knowledge and experience in business along with a slight language barrier, she was shown the way until she mastered the necessary skills needed to not only survive but thrive. And she honors and makes sure she always stays aligned with her past teachers by now doing the same to the people who follow her.

Future Goals

Rechiel’s future goals are very clear and simple. Among the few is making sure she helps as many families as she can become financially free. Having gone through the difficulty of being a new immigrant to Canada in the past, she relates to most families that reside here in the country. All this sounds great for the community, but she does not stop there. In business, she trains, mentors, and leads by example and always makes sure she is at the forefront, like a true captain on the battlefield. All this because she believes that people deserve better in life and that people were created by God to be great.


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