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Distinguished Founder and Lawyer, Melissa, Shares Career Insights at UBC Kababayan’s Career Panel

Vancouver, BC – [February 8] Melissa Briones, the esteemed founder and lawyer of Northam Law Corporation, took the stage as a distinguished panelist at the recent UBC Kababayan Career Panel and Networking. The event, organized by UBC Kababayan, provided students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into Melissa’s journey and glean advice on job hunting, interviews, resumes, cover letters, and strategies for university success.

Career Journey Unveiled

Melissa captivated the audience by tracing her career path, starting from her graduation at UP College of Mass Communication to her managerial role at ABS-CBN, overseeing actors and actresses. Despite the challenges, including pursuing law at the UP College of Law while working full-time, Melissa’s resilience shone through. Her eventual success in the competitive Canadian job market underscored the importance of networking, humility, and determination.

As the founder of Northam Law, Melissa shared her experiences and advised students not to overlook the potential influence of family backgrounds, encouraging them to recognize and leverage their inherent strengths.

Guidance in the Professional Landscape

Offering practical tips for interviews, Melissa recommended creating multiple resume versions tailored to different contexts. Stressing the significance of research, she highlighted the importance of aligning values with potential employers. Melissa also emphasized networking, sharing personal anecdotes of how casual coffee invitations played an important role in her career journey.

Keys to University Success

Melissa delved into strategies for academic success, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning. Drawing from personal experiences, she urged students to embrace challenges and highlighted the illimitable potential of self-employment. Melissa encouraged those with unique abilities or ideas to explore university support for idea incubation.

The UBC Kababayan Career Panel and Networking showcased Melissa’s insight and commitment to mentoring the next generation of professionals. Joining her were five other panelists, each bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, providing a well-rounded view of the professional landscape.

For more information about Northam Law and Melissa’s legal contributions, please visit or contact (604) 630-2350.


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Melissa has 8+ years of combined Commercial, Business and Contract Law experience as In-House Counsel in manufacturing, health, real estate development, and broadcast communication industries. She is instrumental in developing strategies to minimize legal risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

She has 6+ years of Human Resources Management experience and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. Her practice includes Family Law, Civil Litigation, Wills & Estates and Real Estate & Conveyancing.

For fun, she visits ancient sites and ruins and belts out popular Broadway tunes.

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