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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Will

Drafting a will is a crucial step in ensuring your assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes after your passing. In British Columbia, the Wills, Estates, and Succession Act (WESA) governs the creation, interpretation, and administration of wills. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a will in British Columbia.

1. Control over asset distribution

Having a will allows you to decide how your assets will be distributed after your death. Without a will, your estate will be divided according to the intestacy rules set out by WESA, which may not align with your personal preferences or the needs of your loved ones.

2. Support for your spouse and children

A will allows you to provide financial support for your spouse and children, ensuring their well-being and stability after your passing. You can designate specific assets, set up trusts, or plan for ongoing financial support.

3. Care for minor children

In your will, you can appoint a guardian for your minor children in the event of your death. This ensures that the person you trust most will care for and raise your children according to your values and preferences.

4. Appoint an executor

An executor is responsible for managing your estate after your death, including paying debts, filing taxes, and distributing assets to your beneficiaries. You can choose a trusted individual to serve as your executor by creating a will.

5. Minimize estate taxes

A well-drafted will can help minimize the taxes payable on your estate, ensuring that more of your hard-earned assets pass on to your loved ones.

6. Avoid family disputes

Clearly outlining your wishes in a will can help prevent conflicts among family members after your death. This may save your loved ones from unnecessary emotional distress and legal battles.

7. Support charities and causes

A will allows you to leave a legacy by donating to charities or causes you care about, such as education, environmental conservation, or healthcare research.

8. Business succession planning

If you own a business, a will is essential for ensuring a smooth transition of ownership and management after your death. You can designate a successor, outline the distribution of your business assets, and provide instructions for the company’s continued operation.

9. Protection of digital assets:

In today’s digital age, your online accounts and digital assets are an important part of your estate. A provision on this and your other personal effects, goods, and chattels can provide instructions for accessing and managing these assets after your death.

10. Peace of mind

Creating a will gives you the peace of mind that your affairs are in order and your loved ones are cared for according to your wishes. It’s a responsible step that can alleviate stress and uncertainty for your family during a difficult time.

Having a will is essential for protecting your assets and ensuring the well-being of your loved ones after your death. By taking the time to create a will, you can have control over your estate, minimize taxes, avoid family disputes, and leave a legacy. If you’re a resident of British Columbia, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the Wills, Estates, and Succession Act and consult with a legal professional to ensure your will is legally valid and accurately reflects your wishes.


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