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Shining Through: Mylene Lim’s Path of Inspiration

In the tapestry of remarkable individuals, there are those whose stories not only captivate but also ignite a spark of inspiration within us. Mylene Lim is one such luminary whose journey embodies resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination. In the quiet wisdom of Mylene Lim, we find reflections that illuminate the path to empowerment: “Perspective is […]

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Mastering Mortgages: The Saga of Kimberly, the Mortgage Maven

In the dynamic arena of mortgage expertise, Kimberly, Vancouver’s mortgage maven, reigns supreme. From securing top-tier awards to gracefully pivoting through career shifts, Kimberly’s story is one of triumph and adaptability. Join us as we explore the narrative of the Mortgage Maven, a Licensed Mortgage Broker whose impact extends beyond transactions, fostering collaboration and empowerment

Mastering Mortgages: The Saga of Kimberly, the Mortgage Maven Read More »

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Melissa has 8+ years of combined Commercial, Business and Contract Law experience as In-House Counsel in manufacturing, health, real estate development, and broadcast communication industries. She is instrumental in developing strategies to minimize legal risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

She has 6+ years of Human Resources Management experience and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. Her practice includes Family Law, Civil Litigation, Wills & Estates and Real Estate & Conveyancing.

For fun, she visits ancient sites and ruins and belts out popular Broadway tunes.

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Northam Law is a boutique law firm offering advisory services in Real Estate Law and Conveyancing, Business Law, and Human Resources. Our practice areas also include Wills & Estates and Family Law. Notarization services are also available.

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