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Innovative Leadership: Exploring Neelam’s Journey of Advocacy and Social Impact

In the spirit of our ongoing series celebrating exceptional women leaders, we are honored to spotlight another trailblazer, Neelam Sahota. As we continue to explore the remarkable journeys of women who have made indelible marks in their respective fields, Neelam’s story emerges as a beacon of resilience, innovation, and empowerment.

Neelam shares profound insights on leadership, success, and empowerment:

“Leadership is not a destination. It’s a journey – one that will test your limits and provide opportunities to be brave and forge your own path. Your power lies in owning everything that is part of you – your past, your present, and the hopes you carry for the future.”

Professional Achievements

Neelam has left an indelible mark on the professional landscape, earning recognition for her outstanding contributions and leadership. In 2022, she was honored with the BC Achievement Foundation’s Truth and Reconciliation Award for her innovative work as the co-Chair of the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership. This accolade underscored her commitment to answering the Truth and Reconciliation’s Call to Action 93.

Her excellence in the nonprofit sector was further acknowledged in the same year when BC Business named her the Women Leader of the Year in the Non-profit Category. In 2020, Neelam achieved a Fellowship designation (FCPA) from the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia, recognizing her exceptional contributions to the CPA profession, community, and professional accomplishments.

Additionally, she received the Drishti Magazine’s Excellence in Community Engagement Award, the Shakti Award for Leadership Excellence, and was a finalist for the YWCA Women of Distinction Award. Neelam has been a beacon of inspiration, also earning the Surrey Board of Trade’s Women In Business Not for Profit Leader Award.

Challenges Overcome

Neelam faced unique challenges as a first-generation Canadian, navigating the complexities of being a racialized woman with limited senior role models. Overcoming these obstacles, she built a supportive network with fellow trailblazers, strengthening their bonds to face the unique challenges that come with occupying top leadership roles.

Balancing career ambitions with domestic responsibilities was another hurdle. Neelam shares her experience of challenging cultural expectations and the normalization of women shouldering the majority of domestic duties. With a supportive partner, she and her spouse took turns in taking career breaks to raise their children, fostering equality in both professional and domestic spheres.

Impact on Your Industry

Neelam has redefined the nonprofit landscape by infusing a business mindset into her organization. Launching the first Social Enterprise, she pioneered a sustainable model generating profits for the organization while providing financial and social benefits. The success of this venture enabled the development of Surrey’s first purpose-built Community Campus, a testament to Neelam’s visionary leadership.

Her organization, with its Social Enterprise model, has become one of the largest interpretation and translation businesses in British Columbia, offering services in over 88 languages. Neelam has successfully challenged the traditional fundraising model, creating a self-sustainable platform that fosters inclusivity and financial stability.

Mentorship and Advocacy

Neelam emphasizes the importance of authentic representation and advocates for embracing one’s whole self. She actively mentors women in their early careers, creating space for diverse voices and perspectives. By modeling an intersectional lens, Neelam contributes to the normalization of authenticity and advocates for a more inclusive society.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, Neelam aspires to obtain her Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) designation, aiming to increase representation of BIPOC women on corporate boards. She remains committed to mentoring and supporting women in their journey toward leadership positions. Neelam also envisions continuing to grow her organization with sustainability at its core, challenging societal perceptions about charities and their potential in shaping a better future.

Path Forward

Neelam’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, innovation, and authentic leadership. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let her story be a source of inspiration for women aspiring to break barriers, make impactful contributions, and lead with authenticity.

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